About us

Passage is a modern take on a traditional Irish pub with hearty and unique food, an interesting backstory and one of New York's largest collections of Irish whiskey.
Named for a small fishing village in Waterford, Ireland, Passage pays homage to the Viking thread that runs through the area. Passage East is well known as the entry port for Strongbow's voyage into Ireland in 1169. In modern times it has progressed as a ferry port to Wexford but still keeps the feel of an old Irish village. Passage Astoria intends to do the same by combining the famous Irish pub atmosphere with modern takes on Irish food and drink. In this way we pay homage to the traditional Irish pub. As the centennial of the Easter Rising approaches we are particularly proud to bring the next step of Irish pub culture to Astoria.

The main centerpiece of our restaurant is our Irish whiskey collection. One of our sister bars, Banter, has the most Irish Whiskey in New York, currently 88. We aim to come close in Passage. As such, our cocktail menu will feature Irish whiskey. From the major name brands like Jameson to smaller brands like Connemara and Uisce Beathe, we will showcase the different styles. We will feature the bold flavors of other spirits to round out the menu. There are twenty eight draft beers on offer with an emphasis on The original Irish triumvirate, Guinness, Harp and Smithwicks. Local craft beers and neighborhood favorites will rotate through our other lines.